Volume 13, Number 1 July 8, 2005

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These are a selection of incidents reported by the Campus Safety Department:

April 25-May 1

  • We received a report of a stolen vehicle from Q-Lot. File turned over to Saskatoon police. Police recovered the vehicle.
  • A male was escorted out of Campus Cove for causing a disturbance.

May 2-8

  • Officers attended to a report of a fire outside of Assiniboine Hall. A mattress was smoldering. The Fire Department arrived and extinguished it.
  • Our officers and Saskatoon police attended Louis’ several times to deal with fallout from an all-ages dance. Officers dealt with fights and drinking outside the building.

May 9-15

  • Various areas of St. Thomas More College were spray painted with graffiti and graffiti was spray painted on Assiniboine Hall.
  • A TV and VCR were stolen from the Williams Building.
  • Two males were arrested on campus for possession of break-and-entering tools. They were turned over to city police for processing.

May 16-23

  • Three males (two were young offenders) were arrested for mischief and willful damage. They smashed a picnic table by throwing it repeatedly onto a boulder.

May 24-30

  • Unknown culprits spray painted graffiti on the Williams Building and a garbage bin.

May 30-June 5

  • A 24-hour suspension was issued to a person for having driven after consuming alcohol.

June 6-12

  • A tent was removed from University property near the Diefenbaker Canada Centre. A male has been living in the tent. There is no camping on University property.

June 13-19

  • 50 CDs, a Discman, headphones, mini-speakers and a laptop computer were stolen from Arts. This file is still under investigation.
  • There was a vehicle break-in in Q-Lot. Stolen items included a car stereo, cell phone charger and change. There was also a break-in to a vehicle in U-Lot. Numerous items were stolen including tools and jumper cables.
  • A male was found sleeping in the basement of Biology. He was turned over to City police.

June 20-26

  • A male youth was seen tampering with sprinklers at CLS. Investigation revealed he had been charged with a criminal offence and one of the conditions of his release was a curfew which he had breached. He was turned over to City police.
  • A major thunderstorm hit campus the night of June 22 resulting in flooding in several buildings. Downed trees blocked several roadways and lighting and traffic signals on Preston Avenue were lost. A large parabolic dish was tossed from the roof of Engineering onto a nearby walkway. Roofs were blown off a couple of large animal shelters in the Vet-Med area. Grounds workers attended to clear roadways of fallen debris.

June 27-July 5

  • Officers observed several persons in a vehicle in C-Lot. The occupants exited and officers observed a strong odour of marijuana. A small amount of marijuana was seized and turned over to city police.
  • Someone spray painted graffiti on the electrical boxes behind the MUB and on the east wall of the Arts Tower.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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