Volume 12, Number 18 May 13, 2005

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Donations give new life to Emmanuel & St. Chad

Thanks to two major last-minute donations, the Anglican College of Emmanuel & St. Chad has drawn back from the brink of closure and will operate for at least another three years as an affiliated college with the University of Saskatchewan.

College Principal Walter Deller had announced in late-April he was recommending closure to its governing Council, since operating funds were dwindling and a capital fundraising campaign was not yielding enough to build the College’s endowment and provide the $200,000 per year needed for basic operations.

But May 6 the Council revealed two anonymous donors have provided the $600,000 needed for three years’ operation, and it voted to remain open.

“It might seem crazy, but we’re choosing life and we’re going to find the business plan to get us there,” Council President the Venerable John Privett said.

Deller said, “Since we announced we would likely close, the outpouring of moral and financial support has been tremendous.”

The 126-year-old College has four faculty, 20 full-time students and 10 part-timers. It trains young men and women to serve as Anglican priests and confers degrees in theology and divinity.

Besides continuing the fundraising campaign, the College is pinning its hopes on at least two other sources of revenue: more funding from the Anglican Church; and money from sale of its College Drive land and its three buildings to the U of S. The University is currently considering a possible offer to the College.

For more information, contact communications.office@usask.ca

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