Volume 8, Number 7 November 24, 2000

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Prime Minister makes election stop at Synchrotron

The PM checks out CLS

Canadian Light Source Project Leader Mark de Jong explains to Prime Minister Jean Chretien and Natural Resources Minister Ralph Goodale how the retooled U of S Linear Accelerator will fire electrons into beamlines being constructed in the CLS Synchrotron. Chretien was on a one-day election-campaign swing through Saskatoon Nov. 16, and took an hour to tour the Synchrotron and praise the huge scientific project for its promise of helping to reverse the brain drain from Canada. Chretien’s visit presented a logistical challenge to U of S and CLS staff, with his entourage of plainclothes security officers and more than 40 national and local reporters, complete with TV cameras and microphone booms.

While national news media were more interested in questioning Prime Minister Jean Chretien on his role in an alleged loan scandal, the PM appeared interested in many aspects of the $173.5-million Canadian Light Source (CLS) facility now under construction on campus. Above, he receives a gift from U of S Pres. Peter MacKinnon and CLS Director Michael Bancroft after making a speech on the mezzanine level. Top right, Chretien greets CLS accelerator scientist Dr. Xiao Seng Shen next to the old U of S Linear Accelerator. Right, the Prime Minister points as Bancroft explains some of the inner workings of a synchrotron.

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